We have a winner… Wait who?

Trump presidency may go down on wrong side of history


Mike McQueen, Multimedia Manager

On Nov. 8, 2016, the nation elected Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America. Because of the controversy of this result, is it important to rehash the failings of the polling system or the media’s ability to absolutely whiff on this election. Maybe because, in the case of the media, this could show a massive disconnect with the media and the American people.
Let someone else do the autopsy of this election, since the country does not seems to be able to completely come to grips with the result even a week letter as of this writing. Trumps supporters are claiming that those who were and are against Donald Trump’s presidency are simply “butt-hurt” that their candidate lost. I would argue that while there is always going to be a segment that are just upset that “their person” did not win, the protests we are seeing across the country are rooted in something deeper. These protests are not a noble fight against an oncoming onslaught of fascism unlike anything we have ever seen in the United States, but rather a sign that the country may be on the wrong side of history right now.
Not long enough ago, when the country treated human beings as property, obviously we were on the wrong side of history. More recently, when the country told women they were not able to handle the responsibilities of a man, we were on the wrong side of history. During the civil rights movement, when the country allowed people of color to continue to be treated as less than white people, we were on the wrong side of history. When all of us were certain we had to invade Iraq to avenge the attacks on 9/11, yes, we were on the wrong side of history.
A Trump presidency is not a return to segregation or the loss of the right for women to vote or a return to slavery. There is even some wishful thinking that he might be ok because he was a Democrat just a few years ago.
As part of the fallout of this upset election, there are many reports of those who voted for Trump who were uncomfortable speaking about it before the election, but now that he has been elected, they feel emboldened to wave their Trump Flag high. That uncomfortable feeling may be a sign that a vote for Donald Trump will end up on the wrong side of history.
With these many closet Trump supporters now out in the open, there is this feeling that they are vindicated and have been proven correct by this election and they have the majority opinion. While a majority opinion could be a compelling reason to believe in the current climate you are correct, but we all know of the many errors we made as a nation even though they were seemingly the will of the majority. This error in the logic expands when considering that only 57.5% of Americans voted in this election according to Statisticbrain.com. If the rest of America came out and wrote in Harambe, we would have elected a deceased animal. Meanwhile, of the citizens who did vote, a majority of them actually voted against Donald Trump. Trump’s presidency may already be on the wrong side of history.

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