‘Brave New World’

At least America isn’t dystopian yet



Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ paints a picture of a dystopian society full of obliviously happy people. What could be better? What could be worse?

Derby Roan, Copy Editor

When the election results were announced, some of you may have felt that the world we knew would be turned on its head. Regardless of any changes the president-elect proposes, I can guarantee that the world could head for a worse fate–a fate found between the covers of the dystopian novel, ‘Brave New World.’
Aldous Huxley, an English author well-versed in everything from travel blogging (though they didn’t call it that in his day) to psychedelic drugs, published ‘Brave New World’ in 1932. Now, it is arguably his most well-read book, sometimes even being taught at the high school level.
‘Brave New World’ is a dystopian story–I know, we’re all sick of dystopias, but just bear with me. As is typical, the government maintains control of the people, but, instead of military law, as we’re used to, the people are governed by pleasure. Sex and drug use are encouraged, as it keeps the citizens satisfied and stops them from questioning anything. Happy people don’t investigate or try to change anything, after all.
The thing that fascinated me about Huxley’s society, what really sets it apart, is that it makes sense. There aren’t revolutionaries to bring this society down, because everyone is content. It’s only when they see the outside world that they even consider an alternate lifestyle. Even then, their lives are so posh that there’s no reason to want to live differently. If ever the country were to be brainwashed into blindly following the rules, it would have to be through supposedly chosen pleasure, not force.
Right now, our society easily gets lost in the pursuit of material things, the substances that make us feel fuzzy inside, and our obsession with sex. All of these things are used to keep the people happy and subdued in ‘Brave New World.’ Luckily, our world is in no way brainwashed enough to be headed toward dystopia.
‘Brave New World’ is a great read at any time, but is especially encouraging so soon after this divisive election. It’s almost laughable to compare modern America to this regimented, controlled world. That’s exactly why you should read it. Have a laugh. We’re not savages yet.

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