The numerator is king of the hill


Mike McQueen, Multimedia Manager

Living on top of a fraction is not as easy as it may seem. The numerator is responsible for telling everyone how many parts, which are then represented by the denominator. This delicious pizza is cut into eight equal slices representing the denominator. On the top of this fraction is how many slices a person would like to eat. If someone eats two slices, they have eaten 2/8 of the pizza. To generalize, the fraction 2/8 means two pieces of an object that has been divided into eight equal parts.
In another scenario, the numerator can be larger than the denominator. This is referred to as an ‘improper’ fraction. For example, 11/4 means “there are two whole objects plus 3 more equally sized parts of a third object.” In the case of the pizza, in order for someone to eat 9/8 of a pizza, we would need two pizzas both cut into the eight equal slices.

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