Charity Drives 2016

Mahatma Gandhi: ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’

Mike McQueen

At a time when all people should be concerned with is spending time with loved ones, too many are more concerned with how they will feed their families and provide basic necessities.
Lake Land Broadcasting Club is putting on a can drive now. To contribute, students can drop off cans at the boxes in the Student Services Building, Radio/TV Department in Northwest or Virgil H. Judge Learning Resource Center.

Another upcoming drive is the IT Club’s “Cans for credit.” Donations can be brought to Business Division Administrative Assistant Camille Niccum’s office in Webb Hall #002. Any non-perishable donations, including cereal, cookies, crackers, jelly and pancake syrup in plastic containers, flour, sugar, cake mixes, pancake mix and hamburger helper are welcome.

*check with your instructors to see if/or how many tickets they will accept for Extra Credit.
Previously, the Human Services Club had a bake sale, raising money to shop for those in need.

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