Are you skimmin’?

TheSkimm offers simplified news updates


Mike McQueen, Multimedia Manager

A packed college student’s schedule leaves little if any time for keeping up with current events. With the advent of the worldwide web, there is currently more information available than would be accessible to anyone. How is anyone expected to keep track of what information is available and where? While social media is great for keeping up with friends and family, it should not be a trusted news source. The alternatives seem to be keeping a meticulous record of the best and most newsworthy websites and reviewing them daily. There are some online resources that make this possible like RSS feeds and readers, but there is some setup time and still this will not narrow down all the information. This leads to a truly innovative new solution called TheSkimm. This service is summed up in their quote “We Read. You Skimm.”  It has several options to getting information in simple, broken-down chunks that are easy to consume so you can move on with your day. It offers everything from a free daily newsletter delivered to your email to an entire site dedicated to giving you the essentials of the presidential election without partisan bickering.  If you are a busy college student who wants to keep up with the news, try TheSkimm today.

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