Mens basketball rejuvenated

Colvin: ‘I think it’ll be a chance to be a really good season for us’

Derby Roan, Copy Editor

Lake Land College’s mens basketball team is back and better than ever. From a new coach to a difference in mentality, this year’s team is ready to score.
Coach Brandon Colvin is a new addition to the Lake Land College basketball coaching staff, one of four coaches leading the team this year.
The coach is originally from Springfield, Ill. The proximity to home and LLC’s past success drew him to the school.
“Lake Land is a great job as far as basketball goes, and athletics in general. It’s a place where there’s good support and a lot of success in the past. They obviously have the resources for it. Being close to home was also a nice perk,” Colvin said.
Colvin has coached around the world, literally, which he said has helped him to adapt to different teams and coaching styles. From different languages to different styles, Colvin is prepared.
“In Denmark, the kids all spoke five languages: English, French, Spanish, German, and Danish. You learn real quick to communicate different ways,” Colvin said. “The way the game’s played, it’s definitely more athletic in the U.S., so you learn to adapt to what you’ve got, which helps here. If my team’s not very athletic, I have some things I can do.”
Colvin said he has high hopes for this year, citing sophomores Will Tinsley and Tyler Schuring’s leadership abilities, and freshmen Nnamdi Van Dulm and Joshua Robinson as strong forces on the team.
Schuring said this season has a lot of potential with the right mentality.
“I expect a lot out of this season. This year’s sophomores went through a lot last year, and I think we know what it takes to be a good team. I think we can be a top three team in our region and make it pretty deep into the post season,” Schuring said. “We have all the right pieces. We have great coaches, and everyone knows their role on the team. If we stick together as a family, we can be a really good team.”
Colvin said that some of those “right pieces” are the guards and the tall players.
“Our guard play should be very good. We’ve got some very good guards coming back, and some freshmen coming in as well. We’ve got a good mix of freshmen and sophomores, some leadership there,” Colvin said. “We’ve got a little bit of size in the front court, which is good. It’s just a matter of getting it all to mesh together.”
Schuring said that comparing this year to last year “is night and day.”
Coming off of an 8-23 record, the team has plenty of room to improve—and they plan to.
“Hutch [National Junior College Athletic Association’s national competition] is definitely the end goal. After that, a conference title would be nice as well. But, the regional title has to be won to go to nationals,” Colvin said.
Students can support the team by coming to the games and cheering them on.
“I think it’ll be a chance to be a really good season for us. We’ve got a really good group of guys, the coaching staff’s been great. I look forward to getting the games started and hopefully getting the fans out and giving them a good show,” Colvin said.
For an updated schedule, check out the Lakers’ basketball page in the athletics section of the LLC’s website. Their first home game will be Nov. 9.

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