John Lennon, can you Imagine?

Waves from Lennon’s activism still felt today

Mike McQueen, Multimedia Manager

John Lennon was a lead singer with the world-famous band, The Beatles. As a member of the band and even as a solo act, Lennon was also an activist. He spoke out, as well sang songs, against war and called for peace and love toward your fellow man. The Beatles and John Lennon were not the only band of their time to communicate social issues of the day in their music, but they are probably the most famous. Lennon was murdered outside of his New York apartment on Dec. 8, 1980. His contributions to music and society are still felt today. Entire generations of musicians have been influenced to write and perform amazing music as well as use that music to enlighten the human consciousness. For more on John Lennon and the Beatles, check out Sara McRobertsOctober Conspiracy Corner.

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