Blair Witch 2016

Sara McRoberts, Reporter

If you are a frequent movie watcher, particularly the horror genre, you’re familiar with the documentary-style film, The Blair Witch Project, released in 1999.

This weekend, the Blair Witch 2016 premiered. It stars actors James Allen McCune, Callie Hernandez, Corbin Reid and Brandon Scott.

James’ sister Heather was of the original group in the 1999 film. Her disappearance has plagued James most of his life. The story of how Heather went missing inspired friend, Lisa, to film a documentary of the group of friends searching for answers in Heather’s disappearance.

As they adventure deeper into the woods, paranormal activity takes over.

I found this movie scary. It had the classic jump-scares and Hernandez was amazingly convincing at the end of the film when she finally realizes the legend of the Blair witch is true. The horror she expresses is believable and adds much more tension to an already anxiety filled scene.

A majority of the build-up tension was unsuccessful. The loud sounds of the witch while unseen in the woods was confusing at best and the character of Lane, who was thrown in the film for some random reason, did nothing but muddy the plot.

I love horror films and I may have to give this one a second chance, the shock value was too distracting to get a great grasp on the actual value of the film. If you love horror, I highly suggest checking out this movie but if you’re simply looking for a good film to catch over the weekend, try Snowden instead.

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