Small Boxes of Hope

Knowing how your small donation the Ronald McDonald House Charities can help a child near you.


Allison Wheeler, Editor-in-Chief

Many people visit McDonald’s every day and notice the small boxes outside the drive-thru window or in front of the registers.  However, not many of them realize the type of difference the change they receive back could have just by putting it inside these collection boxes.  These boxes are a huge part in funding the Ronald McDonald House Charities.
The RMHC was first opened in 1974 with their first Ronald McDonald House erected in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Since then the charity has been growing in order to help families in over 63 countries and regions all over the world.  Their biggest mission is to, “…create a world where children have access to quality health care and their families are able to better comfort and support them while actively participating in their care.”  This charity is all about family.  Over the course of a year, the RMHC helps over 7 million children and their families using the different programs that they offer.
There are four known main programs that they offer to help those families.  These program names are RM Houses, RM Family Rooms, RM Care-Mobile, and they also offer grants to different organizations making a difference in children’s lives.  The Houses program offers a home near their child’s medical facility where they can stay close and in contact with little or no-cost to the family.  There are 359 RM Houses in 42 countries helping families stay close and focusing on what matters.
The RM Family Rooms are usually built on pediatric or intensive care floors of participating hospitals.  These rooms help families rest and offer time to recover from an otherwise stressful time.  There are currently 210 family rooms in 23 countries.
The RM Care-Mobile are 40-foot long and 8-foot wide vehicles that provide different health care to children.  These services can vary from screenings to treatment and even referrals to other professionals for both medical and dental care.  There are now 49 Care Mobiles in 9 countries.
The Grant program is one that offers a way for the RMHC to provide money to areas that are making an impact on children who need it the most, especially in times when they need it.
These programs really are the backbone to what the RMHC stands for.  Overall due to the House and Family Room programs, families saved over $700 million that they otherwise would have spent finding lodging and food to stay near their sick children.  Any one of these programs help near 90% of the top children’s hospitals, worldwide.
How does one go about supporting such a well-known yet sometimes overlooked RMHC program?  Simple.  Donate those spare pennies, nickels and dimes that otherwise would sit in a change jar.  Those boxes located in both drive thru and the registers are the key.  Those simple boxes have collected over $200 million towards helping those families in need.  In fact, 84 cents of every dollar is used to fund those programs.  That’s right 84% of whatever is donated, goes to those families.  If one could offer just a dollar every time they stopped at McDonald’s, they would be well on their way to helping someone they may not know or even later down the road for someone they do.  If you want to learn more about the RMHC, please visit where all this information and more can be found on how you can help children and their families.  Donate Today.

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