Automotive club revs up this school year

Allison Wheeler, Editor-in-Chief

When asked about clubs on campus, not many are actually aware that there is an automotive club on campus which teaches and brings together automotive enthusiasts.   This organization teaches the members different skills and offers them many opportunities to enjoy their love for all things automotive.  The club visits car shows and gets the update on what is new in cars as well as visiting other universities and seeing their automotive shops.
The club is currently holding elections for the President of the club and currently only Shane Travino is running unopposed.  The Vice President is Kyle Hanks.  Travino encourages both men and women to come and see what the Automotive Club is about because it’s not just talking about and tuning cars.
In fact, what students may not know is that the Automotive Club also has two race cars to represent Lake Land College.  Their cars, a 93 Formula Firebird and the in-progress 1974 Challenger, are driven by actual Lake Land students.  They are always accepting new students into the club and even those who would like to be a driver for the race car.
There is a race on Oct. 8 to see who is ‘King of the College,” where Lake Land will be competing with other colleges to see who the best is.  If you are interested in joining the automotive club and be eligible to drive the Lake Land College race car, please visit the Vo-Tech building for more information and to sign up.

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