The Gender Logs II


Sara McRoberts, Reporter

Previously, the topic of nipples and their place in society was discussed. Now, diving into gender roles, the question of how men and women should represent their genders will be examined.
Traditionally, the woman would be seen as the emotional partner, the one who cooks and completes household duties. The man would be more stoic and be the breadwinner for the household.
As people, we become more understanding and accepting of people for who they are, and, as time goes on, these roles seem to be disintegrating before our very eyes.
In recent years, women have been encouraged to be their own supporter. They have been encouraged to find confidence within themselves and not in a man. They have been told to stand on their own and not rely on anyone and that having a relationship is not the most important aspect of their lives.
Men have been allowed to show their emotions without judgment and to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They, too, have been told not to rely on a woman to get things around the house done; they should be able to rely on themselves for that kind of support.
As these suggestions become norms in our societies, our roles in relationships have also changed. It is now acceptable for the woman to enjoy alone time, show less emotion, and be the primary provider in the relationship.
Men now are able to show more of their emotions, be the ones to keep the house hold and children in line and maybe not even have a job at all.
Instead of conforming into what society wants us to be and how society wants us to represent our genders, being who we are is now what is expected. I, for one, have never been one for chores, or keeping my house clean. I thoroughly enjoy my alone time and I can lack in emotional vulnerability at times.
That all seemed so out of the ordinary and it was hard for me to feel like I fit in. It was impossible for me to think that I could become a housewife or stay-at-home mom later in life.
The thoughts I had about this were shared by several other women I knew and we began to question our roles in relationships and how our relationships should function.
As we aged and the current times have becoming more accepting, we have realized that it doesn’t matter how society wanted us to behave in previous years. All that matters is that we find a partner who shares our beliefs and who we can mesh with, regardless of how we behave.
Slowly but surely, society is shaking off what is expected of each gender and is embracing people to be exactly who they are.

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