MLB Postseason Begins

What to expect from professional baseball

Leah Kelly , Archivist

October brings the end to the regular season of Major League Baseball, but with every end there is a new beginning. The post season kicks off with the American League Wild Card Game airs on TBS on Tuesday, Oct. 4. The next night, Oct. 5, the National League equivalent is on ESPN.
Following the Wild Card Games, both leagues will go through many games to weed out one league champion. The first two games of the championship series are held at the higher ranking team’s home field. Game three and four are held at the lower ranked team’s home field; if needed, game five is also held at this field. If it pushes into game six and seven of the championship series, then those games will also be held that the higher ranking team’s field.
The Champion of each league will then play in the 112th World Series. The World Series begins on Oct. 25 on FOX. These seven games will be held in an American League city that is yet to be determined. For more information involving the World Series go to For more general information on Major League Baseball go to

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